The Small Business Payments Alliance is working to ensure the electronic payments system continues to deliver for American small businesses.

What's at stake

The Credit Card Competition Act is a direct threat to our electronic payments system and the locally owned, independent businesses, entrepreneurs, and tradespeople who use and accept credit cards.

The CCCA Would:

dramatically reduce credit card rewards.

compromise fraud protection & cybersecurity.

reduce access to capital and credit.

Take action

Congress needs to hear from you, not just the mega retailers who will solely benefit from this policy. Tell Congress how important credit cards and the electronic payments system are to American businesses and employees.

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Small Business Voices

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Durbin-Marshall won’t help small businesses

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The myth of Durbin-Marshall’s “savings”

In the news


Small businesses are the backbone of the American economy. The nation’s 33.3 million small businesses employ 61.6 million Americans – almost 46 percent of the private sector workforce. Small businesses across the country rely on credit cards and rewards to lower operating costs, re-invest in their businesses and employees, manage cash flow, and give customers more choice, security, and convenience in how they pay.

Small Business Owners Oppose Durbin-Marshall Windfall for Mega Retailers

Members of the Small Business Payments Alliance (SBPA) – a group of independent small business owners, entrepreneurs, and tradespeople – headed to Capitol Hill this week to share first-hand the negative impacts that new government mandates would have on their businesses. The SBPA was formed in the wake of proposed changes to the electronic payments system that threaten to reduce credit card payment security, access and benefits.

Communities of color would be worse off under proposed credit card policy

Melanated communities in Colorado and across the country have historically and perpetually faced systemic barriers to credit and banking access. Melanated communities are already chronically underbanked, including 27% of Black families and 18% of Hispanic families. And, too often for those who are “banked,” the understanding of how to use these accounts for their benefit while keeping money in interest-bearing accounts and investments is not the norm.

Protecting the modern, safe and secure electronic payments system

SBPA was formed in the wake of proposed changes to the electronic payments system that will jeopardize credit card access and benefits. Tradespeople, entrepreneurs, and locally-owned, independent businesses alike use credit cards to support their workers, manage their cash flow, cover operating costs, and collect rewards to re-invest in their businesses. Credit cards also ensure that their customers can make safe, secure, and convenient payments. The current competitive, free market credit card ecosystem provides major benefits to both small businesses and American consumers, and we’re making sure it stays that way.