About the Small Business Payments Alliance

The Small Business Payments Alliance empowers and activates the local, independent business owners who rely on our current electronic payments system to support their livelihood and their workers.

The Small Business Payments Alliance (SBPA) is a coalition of American independent businesses, entrepreneurs, and tradespeople who know the value of the electronic payments system for their business and consumers and want to protect this system. Our members rely on this system to make and process worry-free transactions, manage cash flow, and earn rewards, which they reinvest into their business and employees, while giving customers greater options, security provisions, and convenience in how they pay. The modern, safe, and secure payments ecosystem is critical to our members’ success and contribution to local communities across the country.

SBPA aspires to educate and empower small business owners to protect the value of the payments system so that it continues to deliver access to credit, rewards programs, and security and fraud protections for American small businesses and consumers. Our goal is to ensure the payments ecosystem continues to serve and help small businesses thrive by protecting against bad policy.

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