SBPA Holiday Shopping Report: Durbin-Marshall is a Threat to Credit Card Security

Small Biz Owners to Congress:

Don’t Let Corporate Mega Stores Play Grinch this Holiday Season

Washington, DC – With holiday shopping season in full swing and consumer spending on the rise, the Small Business Payments Alliance (SBPA) issued a report highlighting the importance of credit cards for small businesses – and the negative impact Durbin-Marshall would have on the security of the electronic payments system. The SBPA is a group of independent small business owners, entrepreneurs, and tradespeople that have joined forces to advocate on behalf of a modern, safe and secure electronic payments system that supports their businesses. 

“As holiday shopping season kicks into full swing, small businesses across the country will be feeling the benefits of a safe, secure electronic payments system. The message from small business owners to Congress is clear: don’t let the corporate mega stores play grinch this holiday season. Protect consumer security and preserve the electronic payments system,” said Peter Kauffmann, SBPA spokesperson. 

About the Small Business Payments Alliance 

The Small Business Payments Alliance (SBPA) is a coalition of independent businesses, entrepreneurs, and tradespeople who know the value of the electronic payments system for business and consumers. Our members rely on credit cards and rewards to lower operating costs, re-invest in their businesses and employees, manage cash flow, and give customers more choice, security, and convenience in how they pay. The modern, safe, and secure payments ecosystem is critical to our members’ success and contributions to local communities across the country. SBPA aims to educate, empower, and activate members to help ensure the electronic payments ecosystem continues to deliver access to credit, credit card rewards, convenience, and security and fraud protection for American small businesses and consumers.